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Advertisements and Apologies

If you’ve already trekked through the previous post, Gunboats and Generals, I beg you to give it another go. I know it isn’t the cheeriest stuff in the world but I cleaned up the errors and omissions and it’s better now. At times I write through the night, in between cigarettes, and sometimes, things get out of hand, or go overboard, choose your preferred metaphor. Glad I have a personal dominatrix who cracks the whip when I ask her to.

The Baffler has a short story of mine. It’s currently in the top spot, upper left corner. Give it a hit here and keep it trending.

KGB Literary operates out of the bar of the same name on Fourth Street in the East Village. It’s a good read all over, back to front. They’re running an essay of mine about Paris in the next issue. It isn’t up yet but get there early if you want a good seat.

And for crying out loud, subscribe and tell your friends about Riffs. Is it going to kill you so bad ? I doubt it but some of your other habits might.

The singer roared, ‘If love is a shelter, I’m going for a walk in the rain.” I’m heading out.