Dear Fred, I was trying to point out that French storks and this phenomenon are not uniqe, this also happens in Hungary since 2004 when some of the “white storks” thought that maybe it would be too difficult to fly 20000 km to Africa, they rolled the dice and made their future in the old Continent even in wintertime. Those who survived the first winter use to learn how to live this way and that it's possible, so they stayed in the coming year as well. The stork’s menu is so wide ranged that because of this - and of course beacuse of the climate change - this could happen.

I like the photos as well!

Thank you,

Good work!

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Madame, *chez nous* this does not count as a comment. it is a link. What are you trying to tell me ? Have I left a stork or two out in the cold ? Are Hungarian storks in some ways special ? Do they never ever leave home ? It is said, btw, that storks have excellent homing abilities and tend to return to within 30 kiloms or so of their birthplace. In any case, stork me up, Dr.

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